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Graciela Maria 'Black Lament' Video

Graciela Maria ‘Black Lament’ Video

We were asked (Pol Ponsarnau and I), by artist Graciela Maria, to develop a concept for a video for the song ‘Black Lament’ – the single preceding her sophomore LP ‘Olvido,’ released by Project Mooncircle. This song, like the whole LP, is very dark, blue, and densely introspective. It’s also a full on analog affair...
Sneaky 'Deeper' Blog Promo

Sneaky ‘Deeper’ Blog Promo

This was an online promo campaign that I executed for Sneaky’s video clip for the song Deeper, which was taken from the Feel Like a Remix LP. The video was directed by Pol Ponsarnau. The results: Oh Drat Digital, Chrome Kids, A Little Beat, Loud At, UGS Mag, The Steely Stylus, Portable TV, Low Riders...
So Undead! Exhibit

So Undead! Exhibit

So Undead was an exhibit that I organized on behalf of Creative Match Kreuzberg. The purpose of the project was to showcase the demo of the So Undead book and documentary. The exhibit was co-curated by 44flavours. In addition to featuring a book demo and multi-layered projections created by the collective, an installation for the...