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Creative Consulting x Online Promo x For Band JPTR

Creative Consulting x Online Promo x For Band JPTR

One of my key contributions to this project was quality control. I helped the group focus their ideas, kill a few half-baked videos and, on occasion, pushed an edit that extra 10 percent (ironed out the flow, resolved the “3rd act” etc.). But the thing that I’m most satisfied with is being able to help...
Ikarus - Visual Development

Ikarus – Visual Development

I’m really happy with this one. Apart from the results – which are amazing and have been well received by the scene and the media – what I loved most about this project was being able to work with Olivier Baumann and Clemens Behr (and bringing the two of them together). Both of them are...
Dubokaj "Alpine Dub Re Dubbed" LP Promo

Dubokaj “Alpine Dub Re Dubbed” LP Promo

I love working with Dubokaj. This time around I got to promote his LP of re-Dubs and versions. This one was clearly cut for hardcore Dub consumers, so I reached out to the scene and the media that supports it. Here are the results: xlr8r, Reggae France,, So Low Bass, Fat Kid On Fire,...