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Dubokaj "Alpine Dub" - Visual ID

Dubokaj “Alpine Dub” – Visual ID

I love to see when an artist arrives musically and settles into his/her bones proper. And this is what happened with Dubokaj’s “Alpine Dub”, which dropped recently on Mouthwatering Records. It started out as a side project, as a soul remedy of sorts and took four years to make, and million versions till it was...
Goethe Institut 'Ten Cities' CI Concept

Goethe Institut ‘Ten Cities’ CI Concept

I was asked by my friends at 44flavours to join them on a pitch for a full CI for a wonderful project initiated by the Goethe Institut called 10 Cities. My job was to come up with a branding concept supported by visual references. My idea was to create a typography based on a combination...
Take Berlin Promo Concept + Tools

Take Berlin Promo Concept + Tools

Take Berlin is a Soul/Folk band based in Brooklyn, and they make some of the most honest music around. The problem is that it’s quite a feat to break in a new group that writes songs that require attentive listening. To help them along I volunteered to create a promo tool which would serve as...